Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire Wedding Packages

Valley of Fire Wedding Packages

Valley of Fire is our most popular location for weddings, photography, and tours. The state park gets its name from its large red sandstone formations. When the light hits the red sand, it looks like it's a warm, burning, radiant fire making its way up the tall formations left here nearly 150 million years ago. There is nothing like the warm glow from the sun perfectly captured on your new Husband or Wife's face looking back at you, making this place the perfect spot for your romantic Las Vegas wedding

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings separates itself from other companies by offering a once-in-a-lifetime background for your photos. After all, the one memory everyone looks at from your special day will be your wedding photography, and it doesn't get any better than Valley of Fire at sunset. Call us today to book your special day. 

Common frequently asked questions:

Valley of Fire All-Inclusive Wedding Packages Starting at $1,999

Location: Valley of Fire State Park

Booking Details:

  • 1-hour option: $1,999 
  • 2-hour options: $2,499 (Our Most Popular package)
  • 3-hour options: $2,999 
  • Add LV Strip photos: $599

Included in the package:

  • Permits: We get all the permits and have all the insurance needed for your Valley of Fire wedding and photo shoot
  • Officiation Services: Our experienced Las Vegas Wedding Officiant will be available for a civil or religious ceremony, based on your choice. You can say you own vows or even have your own custom ceremony.

  • Photography Services: Trust our Professional Las Vegas Wedding Photographer to capture the highlights, from the ceremony, family/group images and dedicated couple shots.

  • Photo Assurance: You will receive all of of your photos taken in your time with your photographer. All photos are in high-resolution JPEG and RAW images sent via Google Drive link. All non-commercial photo rights are yours, ensuring you can print and share your cherished moments.

  • Video Keepsake: A filmed record of your wedding ceremony, sent with your wedding photos.

  • Floral Accents: A classic 12-rose bouquet with a matching boutonniere for added elegance.

  • Music: Your song of choice to walk down the aisle if you choose to do so
  • Witness Assistance: Should you require a witness, your photographer will witness at no added costs.

  • Guests: You may have 100 at Seven Sisters and 50 at the Visitors Center all guest must pay entree fee at the front gate.
  • Courtesy Transportation: Enjoy our Luxuries Courtesy Limousine service, to and from Valley of Fire State Park, comfortably accommodating up to 10 persons.

  • You get all images shot in RAW & JPEG 24-72 hours after your wedding by google drive

    • A JPEG file supports up to 24-bit color and uses lossy compression to compress images for more convenient storage and sending. This may make JPEGs better for everyday use, but it does mean sacrificing some of the original image quality.
    • Higher image quality translates into more available data when it comes to photo editing, giving RAWs a definitive edge over JPEGs. Editing programs like Adobe Camera RAW, Bridge, or Lightroom are built for fine-tuning RAWs into polished final photos.
    • Many professional photographers shoot in RAW because the format captures the highest level of detail. It can often be easier to edit exposure later with a RAW file. However, shooting in JPEG has its benefits, since their smaller file sizes allow you to shoot more images at once and transfer files faster.

Click here for the Base Wedding Package

A couple embraces in the Valley of Fire during their sunset wedding.

All-Inclusive Valley of Fire Wedding Package


Valley of Fire Base Wedding Package Starting at $1,499.00

Location: Valley of Fire State Park

Booking Details: This package offers a consolidated one hour of time for both your ceremony and photography. If you're inclined towards extended photography sessions, consider our 2-hour or 3-hour All-Inclusive options.

Included in the package:

  • Officiation Services: Our Las Vegas Wedding Officiant is on standby, ready to conduct your chosen civil or religious ceremony.
  • Photography Services: Rely on our skilled Las Vegas Wedding Photographer to capture your most touching moments, be it during the ceremony or in the candid group shots and couple photos.
  • Photo Delivery: Anticipate a minimum of 100 high-resolution JPEG and RAW photos, sent via Google Drive link. With all non-commercial photo rights reserved for you, you're free to print and share as you wish.

REMINDER: Unlike the all-inclusive packages, the base options do not provide the 12-rose bouquet, boutonniere, ceremony video, or limo service.

A couple stands before a mesmerizing rock formation in the Valley of Fire during their elopement.

Valley of Fire Base Wedding Package


Book Your Valley of Fire Wedding Today

Book Your Valley of Fire Wedding Today
All-Inclusive Valley of Fire Wedding Package$1,999.00$2,999.00
Valley of Fire Base Wedding Package$1,499.00$2,499.00
Vegas Strip Photography Packages$599.00$1,799.00
Apostille with Copy of Marriage Certificate (International Clients)$150.00
Rush File of Marriage Certificate (NO COPY)$50.00

Important Info

Important  Info
  • Specific ceremony locations are not guranteed. We can request a specific location and if available we can accommodate your request. Location is determined by the park based on availability.
  • Any optional additions to your wedding package must be booked and paid for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your wedding.
  • Maximum guests 95, not including the wedding couple, allowed at Valley of Fire.
  • There is not an option for outside photographers or Wedding Officiants.

Items NOT included in any wedding package

  • Tux and gown rental
  • Marriage license (purchased at the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas by the wedding couple)/certified copies of marriage certificate (purchased online at the Clark County Clerk’s Office by the wedding couple 10 days after your wedding).
  • Gratuities for the photographer, Wedding Officiant, and limo driver(s) (suggested amount is $50 and up per person).